Treating Peyronie’s disease – a bent penis

If you have a bent penis, it means that you got Peyronie’s disease. Curved penis is quite common nowadays and many men and their partners are unhappy and satisfied due to it. But are there any methods which will help you to get rid of this curve which makes it difficult to have good sex? What causes Peyronie’s disease and how it can be solved before it ruins your sexual life and confidence?

Peyronie’s disease causes

Unfortunately Peyronie’s disease is still quite a mystery even nowadays. For decades physicians have searched for the cause and have comes up with the following possibilities which may cause curved penis:

If you got the penis curve after puberty a trauma is the most likely reason. For example, you may got hit while your penis still was erect. There have been cases where the partner switch position while your penis is still intercourse which causes damage. The damage is mostly associated with tears in tissue and even damaged blood vessels and capillary. Although at first you may feel nothing, only initial pain, after a while the teared tissue starts to feel with scar tissue which overt time grows and deforms the penis towards one direction.

Another theory is that autoimmune disorder may lead to Peyronie’ s disease. Basically your immune system detects some penis cells as alien and may start to form plaque(similar to scar tissue) which also deforms the penis. However, it’s worth noting that in most cases Peyronie’s disease is not linked to arthritis or lupus(autoimmune disorders) thus making this theory less convincing.

There is a chance that some specific drugs may trigger development of Peyronie’s disease. For example, beta blockers, a popular class of cardiovascular medication, has Peyronie’s disease as one of the possible side effects. However, it’s rare and mostly affect less then 1% of all Peyronie’s cases.

Peyronie’s treatment

Although the causes for Peyronie’s disease are not known and only speculations have been spreading. There possible Peyronie’s treatments.

One possibility is to perform so called Peyronie’s exercises. All you need to do is to apply a pressure on your penis so it would bend in opposite direction. It’s like straightening a wire where you apply a pressure on specific points. You need to repeat these exercises day after day for a few months and some noticeable results may follow. Unfortunately it will take a lot of time, effort and dedication to achieve wanted results. Also, there’s a great chance of getting a penis injury so we strongly recommend you to consult your physician before doing any kind of penis straightening exercises.

However, there is a safer and faster alternatives. For example, several so called Peyronie’s devices have appeared on market. They work in similar principle as penis enlargement devices. You basically insert your penis in cage like structure where a constant pressure is being applied. You need to wear this device on daily basis. As several men on forums have said, they noticed the first results even after the second week. So if you are looking for an effective method, Peyronie’s device may be your solution for bent penis. Of course, it will cost you some money so make sure that the device you are buying has a money back guarantee.


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