Penomet Review – My thoughts

penometHi, my name is Donald and I created this Penomet review to document my experience using the popular penis pump. For years, I was unsatisfied with my penis size. I reached a point where I could see from my partner’s experession that she isn’t getting satisfied. The truth is, to fully satisty women you need to achieve deeper penetration. Unfortunately I couldn’t. I searched for alternatives and decided to buy Penomet. Is Penomet effective? How does it work?

Penomet is a hydro pump which unlike other competing products increase the length and girth of penis by using water pressure. For years only air pumps were available but they were very unsafe and often blisters formed which lead to serious infection. Of course, I was the “lucky one” who didn’t know about this and ordered some generic vacuum pump. Soon I found out why they were replaced with water based – blisters started to form. With Penomet it’s different. The water pressure makes it a lot more comfy safer since the pressure is spread out evenly.

How does Penomet work?

The Penomet Hydro Pump uses the Traction method  which provide with two types of size increase.

Basically, the water creates the vacuum which gently stretches the penis evenly in length and thickness. As the pressure is increased, fresh blood arrives and makes the penis bigger.

After regular use, new muscular tissue is being generated since it needs to compensate the extending the Penomet has achieved. Your penis will not only grow larger but also stronger making it easier to penetrate and satisfy your partner.

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So I filled the pump with water and put my penis in and gave it a try. All I felt was a slight pressure. Penomet comes with so called gaiter system which allows you to control the pressure. I made some pumping for about 5 minutes and my penis became noticeably longer and thicker . It was still in flaccid stance so I got it to erect to see how it looks.

My Penomet Results

I was really surprised by the size – now it was a lot bigger then before – about one inch longer than usually. And it wasn’t lumpy but rock solid. Of course, I had great sex that day. This stage continues for about 2-3 hours until it goes to the normal size. Were these just temporary results? Yes they were, however…

I was already satisfied with this temporary effect, but of course I wanted something more. So I started using Penomet on daily basis. Each session lasted for about 7 minutes – 3 minutes of active pumping(2x) and a 30 second resting phase(2x). After doing this daily for 6 months I compared the length and thickness I had recorded before.

There results were really satisfying. The length had increased by .95 inches while the girth by .4 inches. 

And these are permanent results which I still have today.

Money Back Guarantee

You can’t lose anything by purchasing Penomet since it comes with one-year money back guarantee so if you will not be satisfied with results, the manufacturer will give back all your money.

To sum up, I am really surprised by the results. I still use Penomet occasionally but now only to sustain the achieved results or just give an extra temporary length and hardness before having sex.

Where to buy Penomet?

buy_penomet_onlinePenomet can be bought from its official website(click here). As you can see, it offers 3 different packages – Penomet Standard(only pump and 1 gaiter), Penomet Extra(pump + 3 gaiters) and Penomet Premium(pump + 4 gaiters + comfort strap + GunOil).

I definitely suggest you to buy Extra package at least. Simply because the Extra Package contains 3 extra gaiters which in my opinion are crucial. When using for first time, you need to have a gentle(Force 65/60) gaiter which Standard package doesn’t have.

However, Premium Package has GunOil which is important if you are planning on using it daily since it will increase the comfort. The GunOil also will speed up the regeneration thus increasing the speed of overall growth.

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